Westside Market

Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday a building, weathered by the passing of the years, located at 1979 West 25th Street & Lorain Avenue comes alive with the sights, sounds and smells of another time in the history of our community. A time when meat, poultry and produce could only be purchased from neighborhood vendors. For many people in our community, going to the West Side Market is a tradition that has been passed down through generations. It has become a gathering place for people to purchase quality meats and produce, and to chit chat with friends that have been made over the years. A wealth of historical facts about the market and information regarding food preparation, cuts of meats, growing trends, etc. can be obtained just from striking up a conversation with any of the knowledgeable vendors that make this unique market a treasure for our community to enjoy.

Check out our list of participants.

Annemarie’s Dairy
Anthony Pinzone Meats
Basketeria Organics
Christiano’s Produce
D. W. Whitaker Meats
Dionne’s Beef
Dionne’s Meats & Deli
Dionne’s Pork
Foster’s Meats
Grandma Campbell’s
J&J Czuchraj Meats
Jims Meats
Johnny Hotdog
Juice Garden
Kaufmann Poultry
Kim Se
M&M Foods
Maha’s Falafil
Mediterra Bakehouse
Michelle’s Bakery
Narrin’s Spices & Sauces
Old Country Sausage Inc.
Olive Cleveland
Ooo Fudge
Reilly’s Irish Bakery
Sebastian Meats & Deli
Sebastian’s Meats
Theresa’s Bakery
Toney’s Baloney
Turczyk’s Meats
Wiencek’s Meats
Wiencek’s Poultry