All About Our Town and All Around

When you purchase the OUR TOWN and ALL-AROUND® Dining Directory,
you not only receive a great value and great dining, but you also mak
a difference in our town, our community....our home.

OUR TOWN and ALL-AROUND®, forms corporate and individual alliances that help to increase the attractiveness,
value and marketability of our dining directory to you. At the same time, these alliances assist the many schools, nonprofit and
community organizations that use OUR TOWN and ALL-AROUND® as a valuable fundraising tool to benefit the causes that their group supports.
Your support of our book has helped those who help others in our community.

We appreciate the participation of all the merchants included in the OUR TOWN and ALL-AROUND® Dining Directory.
We would also like to extend a special thank you to Discount Drug Mart, SoftRock 102.1 and WDOK, Q104 for
supporting our publication, as well as all of the fine organizations that strive to make a difference in our community.

The publishers of OUR TOWN and ALL-AROUND®
pledge their commitment to charitable organizations....

Who seek ways to keep our environment safe and clean for all people in our neighborhoods....

Who seek to provide food, shelter and medical attention to disadvantaged individuals....

Who provide companionship and social activities for the youth and senior citizens
in our neighborhoods....

Who help turn litter strewn patches of weeds into beautiful gardens....

Who help make sick children smile and help the battered and abused gain courage and strength....


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